Home-based counselling involves the therapist coming directly to your home for the counseling session. There are many people who can benefit from counselling but for whom it is not convenient or even possible to travel to a therapist’s office. Home-based services can overcome this barrier and bring help to those who would otherwise simply do without.

Home-based counselling is ideal for people who have mobility issues. If you are confined to your home or even to your bed, we can come to you. Perhaps you are physically able but simply lack transportation. We can eliminate the hassle of trying to coordinate rides or public transportation schedules.

Sometimes family obligations can make it difficult to travel to a therapist’s office. If you are caring for a parent or young children in your home, it may not be practical for you to leave them for an extended period. Substitute caregivers can be expensive and even unreliable, so it is much easier to have a counsellor come to you.

You may even be in a situation where your mental health crisis itself is preventing you from accessing care. If you are severely depressed, for example, it may be difficult for you to find the energy to leave the house and seek help.

For all of these reasons and more, home-based therapy can be the answer to your mental health needs. Therapy in the home often leads to faster results as you are more comfortable and open in familiar surroundings.

Currently servicing the Illawarra region from Shellharbour to Bulli.

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The business environment can produce its own unique challenges with respect to maximizing the potential of employees and resolving conflicts between them. At the same time, the daily work schedule can limit the ability of managers and their teams to access the resources they need to address these challenges. Having a counselor come to your place of business and work with you onsite can eliminate this barrier. We can even arrange for after-hours or weekend appointments that will not disrupt your workday.

Some of the most common reasons for business counselling include

– Conflict resolution. Conflict may express itself as general tension within a group or as animosity between specific people. Either way, it decreases productivity and lessens job satisfaction. An experienced conflict-resolution counsellor can help restore cohesion, morale, and motivation.

– Corporate coaching. Perhaps you are moving up in the corporate world and have recognized that you need to improve your interpersonal, motivational or time-management skills. Perhaps you have been in the same position for some time and feel that improving your leadership skills or your sense of control over your life would enable you to move to a more lucrative position. A professional counsellor can help you achieve these goals of personal growth and the benefits that flow from them.

– Incidents of trauma. A traumatic event may occur in the workplace, or workers may experience trauma in their personal lives that interferes with their ability to perform at work. We can help individuals, teams, or entire families deal with these traumas and regain their equilibrium.

– Workplace bullying. Bullying can have serious consequences for any business. It can negatively impact morale and productivity and can even result in costly litigation. A professional therapist can help diffuse the problem and facilitate an atmosphere of respect.

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Affordable Virtual Counselor

Sometimes it is simply not possible for you to come to a therapist or for a therapist / counselor to come to you. In this case, email counselling (virtual counselling) can be the solution. Virtual counseling occurs through an exchange of emails between you and the mental health professional. You will typically start virtual counseling by describing your problem to the counsellor. You will then be asked a series of questions, and your answers will lead to an ongoing dialogue.

There are several advantages to virtual counseling. First, it is extremely flexible. You can do it on your own schedule and from any location with email access. You will also have the written email responses to read as many times as you want and think about before you respond. This form of counselling is also ideal if you are uncomfortable revealing yourself in a face-to-face situation. Having a computer screen between you and your therapist can enable you to be more open. If you are more comfortable writing than speaking, or if you have a speech impairment, email counselling can be a great solution.
Although virtual counselling can assist you with a number of concerns such as depression, eating disorders, bullying, PTSD, insomnia and many other concerns, it also comes with a few limitations. Some people rely heavily on body language and nonverbal communication and find it easy to misinterpret email. It can be difficult to accurately perceive tone and emotions from the written word.

You can be assured that your virtual sessions will remain private and confidential. We communicate through Hushmail, which is an encrypted, web-based email service that is password-protected.

ONLY $15-
2 x Virtul counseling session (includes a question email)

ONLY $40-
3x Virtual counseling sessions (includes a question email)